A visit to Smith Point

Windchimes peel at Smith Point

Windchimes peel at Smith Point

Gail Nash wrote me tonight, saying:

“You asked in your blog about Bolivar, “where did everything go?” Well, for starters, I think a whole lot of it went to Smith Point, including one of the 2 people who escaped Bolivar at the last minute. My brother-in-law and the sheriff found him alive and took care of him! The Nashes have 2 family homes in Smith Point. My sisters-in-law had a permanent home, and the other one is more a fishing place. There were roofs from at least 3 houses in the yard. And Shannon, my brother in law, is using wood that floated on to the property to try to rebuild the house. It was a one story house on blocks that has been there since the 1930’s!


Here are the rest of Gail’s pictures. They are an unembellished reminder of that which we believed we would not, could not forget… It ain’t over.





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  1. #1 by Dawn Anderson on January 29, 2009 - 4:06 pm


    Please let Ms. Nash know that Michael (my husband her brother-in-law found) is doing okay.

    We are in Winnie for now and trying to get our lives back on track. It has been very hard as we duke it out with insurance, which has been a nightmare.

    Mike is trying to physically and mentally recover from his ordeal, and of course we lost everything including our business.

    I am forever grateful to Fred Anderson and Deputy Abernathy for hearing my husbands cries for help in the debris field. My now 7 month old daughter and 7 year old son were blessed to get their daddy back.

    I am also thankful to you for showing some of Bolivar. We are all feeling very forgotten on this side of the ship channel. Reading your blog had inspired me to start my own. Although, it is not nearly as well written as yours and I haven’t been keeping up with it lately (I have been involved in a war of will with our mortgage company), I remembered how much I enjoyed to write, and it was good therapy for me for awhile.

    I need to get back to it…. it just seems like there is so much to say and my fingers can’t keep up with my brain some days – other days my brain just can’t form sentences. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that overcoming a hurricane would be this hard.

    Thanks for all you do, and please pass along my thanks to Ms. Nash. Thanks.

  2. #2 by amelott on February 1, 2009 - 11:14 pm

    Hi Dawn — Thanks for writing. I have forwarded your message to Gail.

    I’m especially glad you have rediscovered your writing. It is the most magical expression — please don’t stop practicing. It all has enormous value.

    Is there anything specific we can help you with?

    We now have three agents in Crystal Beach — Frances Ferrett, Linda Kramer, and Sally Whynot… and they are living there. Tell us what else you need and we will try to make it happen…

  3. #3 by Bill Cherry on April 9, 2009 - 10:15 pm

    You’re doing a good job with this site.

    I especially like the photo, by the way, of the wind chime framed by the window. That needs to be used in a marketing piece.

    Bill Cherry
    Bill Cherry, Realtors
    Our 44th Year Selling Texas

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