I got my future back

My balcony oasis

My balcony oasis

On hearing the results of the recent Presidential election, Gloria Steinem said, “I feel like I got my future back.”

We’re having an “Ike Orphans Potluck Throwdown Thanksgiving Dinner” at my loft this year. I sweep and vacuum and dust away the layers of Ike dust that seem to flake off and grow back like dry skin — plant little violas (the only flowers Home Depot had, and they’re perfect) in my balcony pot garden — re-place the photographs of my friends where I can smile back at them at will — and sing along with the soundtrack of “Mamma Mia,” not caring a lick who hears me…

I feel like I got my future back.

Thank you.


Copyright © 2009 Alice Melott

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  1. #1 by krmb on December 10, 2008 - 11:26 am

    Hi Alice! If your Thanksgiving gathering was anything as wonderful as your Dickens After Party, it was fabulous indeed!

    Kyle and I had such a wonderful visit with you and your guests on Saturday night. I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality — we did so wish we could have stayed longer. And the “small world” thing! Amazing!

    In case you’d like to see my perspective of the weekend, here’s a link to my Flickr stream set of Dickens photos:

    DOTS 08 - Partial Group Shot

    And to read of our weekend adventures (I wrote about you), please visit The Daily KRuMB at http://krmb.wordpress.com/ As you know, we’ve added a link to your blog here, on our blog, there. There’s always a silver lining, and although it seems twisted to give credit to such an awful storm, I’m grateful to Ike for introducing me to you.

    Your new friend,
    MB of KRuMB

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