Almost home

Two weeks ago, my contractor’s designated client updater told me it would be 60-90 days before I could move home. On the strength of that, and with nowhere left to go in Galveston for that amount of time, I moved about 2½ hours away to the land of negligible technology so I could be someplace for the duration. It was my fifth move in six weeks. (And that’s all I’m going to say about my absence from this blog for the last ten days.)


Before I left on Saturday, I went by the lofts everyday, where I bore witness to an embarassment of non-work. Finally, I sent a curious email — i.e., “What the heck’s going on or should I be asking someone with J.D. after their name?” — and about an hour later, I got a call from Mr. Contractor himself. He was standing in my unit and started to tell me that my problem was not roof-related – until I mentioned the unit above mine, to which he replied, “Oh, there’s a unit above you?”


Long story short – and this isn’t intended as a black comedy – the utilities were on and he said my repairs would be complete in about two weeks. So I’m almost home.



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