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The deafening silence of friends

Once upon a time on the planet Myrth, in the proud State of Secksas, the largest and loudest of all the States of The Union, the freest country on Myrth, in the city of Bootson, the third largest city in The Union and the home of many of the leaders of all of Myrth, there was born and raised a girl whose deepest desire was to serve God as an ordained priest of the church that nurtured her. Her name was Humility.

Humility always wanted to do the right thing. Putting others’ desires ahead of her own, she happily did what was expected of her — went to college, graduated, got a good job, rose in the ranks, was a dutiful daughter, sister, friend, and — by all accounts — an exemplary citizen. For decades, Humility never made a wave.

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