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Alice Melott

Alice Melott

Everything you ever wanted to know about Alice: alicemelott.com

As life-altering events go, Alice Melott put a stake in the ground when she began chronicling her escape from Hurricane Ike on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008. On that day, she evacuated from her Strand-area loft, and watched the greatest reality show on earth unfold on television from the safe surreality of a golf course community in Bryan, Texas.

Alice grew up in New Orleans and Birmingham. She studied journalism, graphic design, and theatre at the University of Georgia, then spent five years with a Manhattan real estate marketing boutique leading the editorial services team while studying philosophy and psychology at Columbia University.

In 1991, Alice moved to Houston where she provided global strategic marketing and communications consulting to top-tier executives in Fortune 15 firms. It was while she was managing communications for the $4 billion IT Outsourcing contract between Procter & Gamble and Hewlett Packard that she fell hard for Galveston’s island playground and made a life change that would put her on the path to this blog — She got her real estate license.

Today, Alice splits her time between Galveston and Atlanta. She writes for both herself and others (with a speciality in social media), and consults with home buyers and sellers across the South before they bite the bullet. You can visit her real estate website at alicemelottproperties.com and her marketing communications site at KISSvirtualconsulting.com.

You can e-mail Alice directly at amprops@alicemelott.com or phone her at 713-443-5432.

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